KOTT2 LEGO Roadmap/Thunderbolt Toy Storage Bag

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€ 36.90


  • Ikäryhmälle: 3-99
  • Sisältää: 1 osaa
  • Mitat: 22*28*6
  • Tuotekoodi: KOTT2
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.

Street racing with your little cars in every room of the house? 

If you love playing with powerful and cool toy cars, well, you’re going to love this incredible roadmap bag. Park your cars in the bag and take them to the next race, then drive all over town avoiding the crashes of thunder. Be adventurous and win that trophy with this bag! 


diameter 140 cm

70% cotton - 30% polyester

double side printed