Kott3 LEGO Stripes Mustard Toy Storage Bag

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  • Ikäryhmälle: 3-...
  • Sisältää: 1 osaa
  • Mitat: 22*28*6
  • Tuotekoodi: Kott3
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.

Increase the happiness with this sunshine toy storage bag with mustard stripes. 

Your child always has a bright smile on her face. She makes you laugh and reminds you what it’s like to be a kid again. Increase her happiness with this sunshine toy storage bag and playmat with mustard stripes. Store all her favorite toys using the storage bag function and take the mat with you wherever you go. Allow her happiness to be shared with loved ones in every adventure.


diameter 140 cm

70% cotton - 30% polyester

one side printed (inside ecru cotton color)