Kott8 LEGO Zig Zag Red Toy Storage Bag

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  • Ikäryhmälle: 3-...
  • Sisältää: 1 osaa
  • Mitat: 22*28*6
  • Tuotekoodi: Kott8
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.

Nah, it's not a hallucination, this is a scandi stylsih storage bag.

You’re leaving the house and you want to bring your toys, but you can’t leave them lying all over the car. So, why not bring this amazing diamond pattern bag with you? It can carry so many toys that everyone will want to play with you and go on awesome adventures.


diameter 140 cm

70% cotton - 30% polyester

one side printed (inside ecru cotton color)